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Coming into Bates on Highway 28 from west and east on a beautiful summer day.
Welcome To Bates
Welcome To Bates
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Bates, just a small village today, is a down home place with some very nice and friendly folks. It is located in the extreme western edge of Scott County, Arkansas near the Oklahoma line, about 50 miles South of Fort Smith and 20 miles West of Waldron, Arkansas. Bates and the nearby communities of Cauthron, Gipson and Weeks lie in the beautiful Poteau River Valley between the Poteau and Walker Mountains.

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Photos in and around the area of Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma from the 1800's and up to present time.
People and Scenes of Bates and Surrounding Communities: For Photos and Other Items that may interest you -
Go To The Bates School Section - Bates School House Restoration Project with information and photographs.
Go To The Today Section- Photographs of people, scenes and things with notes of interest.
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The Purposes and Goals of the Bates Web Site
Three major purposes/goals of the web site are:
1.) To inform and provide people with an existing and historical glimpse of Bates, Arkansas and the Communities of Cauthron, Gipson and Weeks.
2.) To gather, develop and present historical and memorable types of information about the people,and places of the community as they are today and as they were yesteryear.
3.) To inform and enlist people's support in the renovation and restoration of the Bates School House, a wonderful old stately building that is an important historical asset to the community.

Some nice e-mail comments!
I love the site, I can put faces with the people that I have heard stories about all my life ......
... I would like to say that this web site is wonderful. Very helpful information to share with other family members.
I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading and looking at the old photographs on your web site.








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